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Custom ROHO Mattress Surrounds

With full foam conversion and profiling facilities, Central Foam can incorporate ROHO mattress segments into any of our Forte Mattress designs.

Whether you are needing a full ROHO sleeping surface with supportive foam sides and base or simply a single RHO segment in the pelvic region, we can accommodate your every need. Additionally we can manufacture the mattress to allow repositioning or provision for additional ROHO segments at a later date.



Forte ROHO Mattress

ROHO Insert Placed Within Forte Icon Mattress - The ROHO insert can be placed in the precise location for each individual clients needs. The insert when inflated is level with the top of the mattress.

Forte Icon Mattress with ROHO insert

Excellent infection control and stability - The ROHO insert is placed within the mattress cover. This ensures excellent infection control and simplifies cleaning. The Forte mattress provides additional lateral stability enabling easier patient transfers.

Forte ROHO Mattress Insert Codes

Forte Code Description
817181M1 Roho Mattress Section x 1 inserted in mattress of choice
817181M2 Roho Mattress Section x 2 inserted in mattress of choice
817181M3 Roho Mattress Section x 3 inserted in mattress of choice

Refer to the Forte Icon or Sovereign mattress for mattress coding.

Custom ROHO Mattress Surrounds Image

Forte Sovereign Mattress with ROHO insert - completely encased within a Pressure Care Cover

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Custom Made to Order

Any mattress, any size, any time. Central Foam is your one point of contact for all your medical mattresses, upholstery, cushioning and covering needs.

We have been designing and manufacturing superior products for over 20 years, and we know that every client has unique requirements. That’s why we customise our products to perfectly meet your individual needs.

100% Australian Made

Central Foam is a family-owned, Australian company. All our products are carefully crafted in our regional NSW plant, supporting local communities.

What does this mean for you? You can trust the product and rely on the service. All raw materials are carefully selected and subjected to continuous quality monitoring. We will only draw from proven and reputable suppliers.