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Forte Healthcare logoPressure Care Mattress range for a broad range of patient requirements

The ICON Mattress range provides true leadership in non-powered patient

pressure care. Tried and trusted in facilities nation-wide, the ICON mattress range provides outstanding durability, a high standard and consistency of care and excellent value. An extensive variety of configurations are available providing for a wide range of patient needs and requirements.

Key clinical requirements including temperature stability, support and immersion, minimising shear forces and lateral stability are provided for in the design through the use of carefully selected premium foams and high-quality European healthcare fabrics.

The ICON Pressure Care Mattress range includes models suited for Paediatric use through to Bariatric requirements. The quality and features of the Icon range allow confident usage in the Hospital and Aged Care environments. Select the Icon Pressure Care Mattresses and achieve unsurpassed reliability and consistency of care.


The Forté Healthcare Advantage


Our clinically focussed manufacture process allows us to tailor our products specifically to your needs. Aged care to emergency departments, ICU to Mental Healthcare, from our plant in Armidale NSW, we ensure that your requirements are met in every aspect.


Innovation is the secret of our success. As manufacturers, we are continually applying new concepts and techniques to make a difference to patients and caregivers alike, exceeding your expectations.


With an extensive 20 years of experience serving the Australian and
New Zealand Healthcare Markets, our product development design service
provides guaranteed satisfaction to our clients and ensures a product
of uncompromised quality.


We understand your priorities must be met, and we work with you to
deliver an effective care solution that you can rely upon. From caregivers to patients, pressure care to logistics, we take a holistic view to ensure that no requirement is overlooked.
Forté Healthcare. Ultimate Comfort, Superior Care.


Forte Icon Pressure Care Mattress (2)

Triple Layered, Pressure Care Core-Provides optimal Patient comfort and support. The Icon Pressure Care Mattress is manufactured using high performance foams delivering maximum Patient Comfort and Longevity. Firm base foam prevents ‘bottoming out’ whilst the supportive mid-layer provides excellent comfort and patient support.

Airo-form Visco-Memory foam

Visco Pressure Sensitive Memory Upper- ‘floats’ the patient providing even pressure distribution and support. Selected from only the finest of raw material, the Visco upper provides optimal temperature stability, support and comfort. Note: this image shows the Available Airo-form option which consists of perforations throughout the upper layer to provide excellent heat dispersion and enhanced comfort.


Hinged Strengthened Sides (2)

Profile Hinged Strengthened Sides- allow the Icon Mattress to conform seamlessly to any required bed position. Premium foams enhance lateral mattress stability, reducing risks of patient falls. The Strengthened Sides make Primary Patient Care easier and safer.

Forte Icon Mattress


Forte Icon Pressure Care Cover - High quality fabrics and reinforced cover construction ensure that the Icon Mattress provides excellent Pressure Care, Comfort and longevity. Features include;

- 4-Way Stretch, Vapour Permeable, Anti-Shear Pressure Care Upper

- Option of:  - Heavy duty PVC cover base to promoting cover longevity or

- 4-Way stretch Pressure Care Base fabric allowing full cover vapour permeability

- Reinforced Seams with the option of High Frequency Sealing for Infection Control

- Integrated zip with fluid penetration protection flap

- Fire Retardant and resistant to body fluids

- All fabrics compliant to Australian Healthcare standards and specifications




Icon Pressure Map

Icon Pressure Map

Net Pressure: 19mmHg at peak

Icon | Sizing and Specifications

Cover – Heavy Duty Sewn Seams

Standard Sizes (mm) Code-154kg Variant Code-280kg Variant
1980x880x150 3210115 3210128
1980x1050x150 3230115 3230128
1980x1150x150 3250115 3250128
1980x1350x150 3270115 3270128
2030x880x150 3220115 3220128
2030x1050x150 3240115 3240128
2030x1150x150 3260115 3260128
2030x1350x150 3280115 3280128


 Cover- High Frequency Welded and Sealed

Standard Sizes (mm) Code-154kg Variant Code-280kg Variant
1980x880x150 3210215 3210228
1980x1050x150 3230215 3230228
1980x1150x150 3250215 3250228
1980x1350x150 3270215 3270228
2030x880x150 3220215 3220228
2030x1050x150 3240215 3240228
2030x1150x150 3260215 3260228
2030x1350x150 3280215 3280228

Forte Icon Pressure Care Mattress


Forte Icon Mattress King Single


Forte Icon Mattress with Optional Lateral Wedges for increased Pressure Care and Positioning

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Custom Made to Order

Any mattress, any size, any time. Central Foam is your one point of contact for all your medical mattresses, upholstery, cushioning and covering needs.

We have been designing and manufacturing superior products for over 20 years, and we know that every client has unique requirements. That’s why we customise our products to perfectly meet your individual needs.

100% Australian Made

Central Foam is a family-owned, Australian company. All our products are carefully crafted in our regional NSW plant, supporting local communities.

What does this mean for you? You can trust the product and rely on the service. All raw materials are carefully selected and subjected to continuous quality monitoring. We will only draw from proven and reputable suppliers.