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Icon Paediatric Pressure Care Mattress

The Forte Icon Paediatric Pressure Care Mattress manufactured by Central Foam provides excellent comfort, support and pressure care and can be made to suit any bed style, shape or function.

The Slimline design reduces the overall mattress thickness, maximising the height of bed rails and ensuring conformity to varied bed positions.


Paediatric Mattress - Copy


Dual Layer Pressure Care Core - Provides excellent patient Support and Comfort. Features include;

- Visco Pressure Sensitive Memory Upper Layer

- Supportive Deluxe Base Layer

Forte Icon Mattress


Pressure Care Cover - Includes the following features;

- 4-Way Stretch, Vapour Permeable, Anti-Shear Pressure Care Upper

- Option of:  Heavy duty PVC cover base to promoting cover longevity or 4-Way stretch Pressure Care Base fabric allowing full cover vapour permeability

- Reinforced Seams with the option of High Frequency Sealing for Infection Control

- Integrated zip with fluid penetration protection flap

- Fire Retardant and resistant to body fluids

- All fabrics compliant to Australian Healthcare standards and specifications

Forte Icon Paediatric Pressure Map

Forte Icon Paediatric Pressure Map Subject – 9 Year Female, 32kg Net pressure – 16mmHg at peak

Icon Paediatric | Sizing and Specifications Cover – Heavy Duty Sewn Seams

Size Code
1980x880x110 3110110
1980x1050x110 3130110
1980x1150x110 3150110
2030x880x110 3120110
2030x1050x110 3140110
2030x1150x110 3160110

Cover – High Frequency Sealed Seams

Size Code
1980x880x110 3110210
1980x1050x110 3130210
1980x1150x110 3150210
2030x880x110 3120210
2030x1050x110 3140210
2030x1150x110 3160210
Icon Paediatric Pressure Care Mattress Image

Optional Airo-form Pressure Sensitive Memory Foam - provides optimal pressure care and excellent breathability

Icon Paediatric Pressure Care Mattress Image

Optional High Frequency Sealed Cover Seams

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